Monday, 3 January 2011

A river of stone 1st, 2nd & 3rd

There's an interesting site that I found via The Crafty Green Poet . The River of Stones is asking us to take a little moment of every day in January and write a few words about it - A little pebble poem. Naturally, being me, I'm leaving this till the last moment i.e. late. But in the early hours of last night, which I'm going to technically designate still the 2nd, I wrote

Lying in the darkness
listening to my breath
as the day fades out.

Today, though slightly outside the rules, looking back on the 1st I wrote.

New years morning -
The sky and birdtable birds
are just like yesterday.

And for today

Over the rooftops
pigeons on an ancient chimney
jostle for position.


  1. Glad you can join us! If you label your posts with 'aros' they'll appear on the River ( and I've added you to the blogroll too. If you'd like email updates do email me at (and tell me which is your blog). Happy New Year! Warmest, Fiona

  2. I particularly like the jostling pigeons!